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The innovative chondroprotector Collanol has turned into the main figure of an international medical conference named "Keeping up with Innovation: New Opportunities to Fight Joint Diseases". Relying on the unique properties of undenatured collagen (UC-II®) and micellar curcumin (NovaSOL®), the world's leading specialists compared its effectiveness with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

At the forum were presented the results of the conducted clinical trials, which confirm the properties of Collanol. Lecturers were the American researcher and immunologist Dr. Jim Lugo and Frank Behnam – the head of the German company that developed the micellar curcumin. The audience, consisting of orthopedists, rheumatologists, neurologists, and specialists in rehabilitation and physiotherapy, as well as general practitioners, saw in the product a completely new approach to dealing with the problems caused by wear of articular cartilage and a promise of better quality of patients' lives.

Having gathered such specialists in one place, the event aroused media interest. To answer the journalists' questions, the lecturers gave special interviews.

Interview with Dr. Jim Lugo, Immunology Researcher, Inventor of the undenatured Collagen:

Interview with Frank Beenam, CEO of AQUA NOVA, micellar curcumin producer:

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